Bill Murray is an A-list celebrity who also has a cameo in Zombieland. He appears in his mansion after Tallahassee suggested that they "sleep in style" while they were in Hollywood. Murray is known by all of the main characters exept for Little Rock. He survived much of the apocalypse pretending to be a zombie by wearing corn starch, berries, and licorice as makeup, saying, "Zombies don't mess with other zombies." Later, he was accidentally shot in the by Columbus after Murray tried to scare him and Little Rock while they were watching Ghostbusters, his most famous film, in his home theater by acting like a zombie. His dying words were "I was never a very good practical joker." His body was thrown over the roof. And is no longer seen again in the movie.


  • After accidentally shooting Murray, Columbus didn't double tap like he normally did, giving Murray time for some final words.
  • After Columbus didn't double tap, Murray did not die instantly, thus proving that the rules is indeed helpful.
  • Bill Murray is the only character to be from the real world.
  • He was played by himself.