Pacific Playland is the place in the movie where Wichita and Little Rock are headed. Wichita and Little Rock say the park is totally zombie-free but when they turn on the rides (which was an extremely stupid move as bright lights and loud noises in a zombie invasion are like swiping in a lion cage with steak around your neck) and are on the pirate ship the zombies start coming. Columbus and Tallahassee end up going there because Columbus wanted to follow Wichita but when they get there they see all the zombies and find the Cadillac in the water. Columbus then hears them shouting from the Hellavator and finds Wichita and Little Rock trapped on the top. Tallahassee leads the zombies away but some are still there and follow Columbus. Tallahassee takes shelter in a prize booth and shoots zombies that are surrounding the booth while Columbus is being chased by zombies and runs in front of the spinning ride so the zombies get hit by it. Columbus then goes to the Hellavator but is stopped by a clown zombie so he breaks a rule and becomes a hero after smashing the clown in the face with a stongman game's hammer, accompanied by a comedic honk. Columbus then pulls the lever to lower the ride. Wichita thens kisses Columbus and reveals her real name as Krista and Tallahassee is shown on the rooftop saying "The scrawny little spitfuck finally got to first base" and goes to the food tent to try and find a twinkie. He looks and then Columbus comes in after him but he gets scared and shoots the door thinking there was a zombie in the storage room. It is then revealed that Columbus shot the box of twinkies and hears Wichita and Little Rock driving away so him and Tallahassee yell "No!" and they stop Little Rock pops out of the sunroof and tosses Tallahassee a twinkie.