Rules to survive the zombie apocolypse as quoted by Columbus. The rules also appear randomly in the movie in creative ways also being actually there, like when a zombie knocks the O off CARDIO in the gas station chase.

  • Rule #1: Cardio - Ensure to maintain a healthy running speed, as when the apocolypse struck, the obese were the first to go.
  • Rule #2: Double Tap - Don't spare that extra ammo if you aren't sure if the undead actually are dead.
  • Rule #3: Beware of Bathrooms - Zombies like to get you when you are helpless and vulnerable.
  • Rule #4: Seatbelt - Wear one, zombies rarely do. In a panic, like a zombie attack, people tend to get in more accidents.
  • Rule #7: Travel light- Don't carry too much, only pack neccesary equipment.
  • Rule #18: Limber up - Make sure to stretch or you may pull a muscle.The last thing that will help you survive is a sore leg in a chase.
  • Rule #22: When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out - Plan your escape, should you need to leave quickly.
  • Rule #31: Check the Back Seat - Zombies like to sneak up on you, particularly if you have a sense of security.
  • Rule #32: Enjoy the little things - In the zombie apocolypse, good things are hard to come by, so enjoy the little things (Columbus learns this from Tallahassee, in his case, Twinkies.).

In the deleted scenes, Rule #2 was originally Ziploc Bags.

Deleted RulesEdit

Promotional videos starring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg expanded on the list presented in the film.

  • Rule #6: "Cast iron skillet"
  • Rule #8: "Get a kickass partner"
  • Rule #12: "Bounty paper towels"
  • Rule #15: "Bowling Ball"
  • Rule #21: "Avoid strip clubs"
  • Rule #29: "The buddy system"
  • Rule #33: "Swiss army knife"
  • Rule #34: "Clean socks"
  • Rule #48: "Hygiene"
  • Rule #49: "Always have backup"
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